Le Carillon, what is it ?

Le Carillon is a network of friendly shopkeepers and business owners who offer essential services to anyone who might be in need.


Le Carillon aims to create social links and friendships so that nobody feels lonely, whether they are homeless or not. The different services can provide basic needs such as food or water but the main goal is to create lasting relationships.

You can recognize the shops and businesses that are part of the network as they display pictograms on their window that illustrate the different services that they can provide.

What kind of services are provided ?

The business owners can offer different types of services :

- Free services that are accessible to everybody (use of the toilets, charge a phone, make a phonecall…)

- Services that are accessible only with a voucher (meal, hot drink, haircut)

Each business owner is free to choose which services he or she wants to provide and display on their window.


You can find a list of all the services here.

How can I use the services ?

The list of business owners and the pictograms displayed on the windows of the businesses identify the services that are available to you.

To get a free service you only need to enter the shop, introduce yourself to the business owner or employee and ask politely for the service that you need.


For example, if you see the pictogram « Toilets » displayed on the window, you can go in and introduce yourself to the business owner by saying « « Hello, I see that you are part of Le Carillon community, I see on your window you have different services. Could I use your toilets ? »


For more specific services such as access to a medical kit or hygiene and cosmetic samples, do not hesitate to ask directly to the business owner what are the exact products you can have access to.

To get a service available only with a voucher, you can give the voucher directly to the business owner or employee who will then give you that service.


If you don't have a voucher, please don't annoy the business owner asking for costly services as they cannot regularly offer a coffee or a meal.


If the business owner is very busy, wait for him/her to finish what they doing or ask one of their colleagues. In case you have a problem with a shopkeeper, you can call us at or send us an email to contact@lecarillon.org

How can I get a voucher ?

You can ask for vouchers through our partners when you contact them or go visit them.

You can find the profiles of our partners here


You can also call us at or send us an email to contact@lecarillon.org and ask us for vouchers.

What types of businesses are part of the network ?

You can find all types of businesses from bars and restaurants to bookshops, jewelry shops, shoe shops, cheese shops, motorbike washing… !

You can find all the businesses present in the network here

Can I go to a business with some friends ?

Of course, friendship is at the heart of the project !

But be aware though these shops, bars and businesses can easily get very busy at some hours so make sure you do not go with too many people when they are already full.


Moreover, when you go in alone or with a friend you can talk to the shopkeepers more easily and create a strong relationship with them.

Can I go to a business with my children ?

Children are the first ones who need help so they will always be welcome !

But when you bring children with you they are under your responsability and you have to make sure they do not break anything or disturb the customers with loud noise.

Can I got to a business with my pets ?

Our animal friends are often a good pretext to enter into a relationship with those around us.

But some shops are not suitable to accept them easily.

Generally it is better to ask the shopkeepers if they can welcome your pet or not.

Can I call someone at Le Carillon if I have any questions ?

If you have any questions or if you have some issues with a business owner, you can call us at from Monday to Friday between 10 am and 6 pm or send us an email to contact@lecarillon.org

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